Pictures and a movie of this "Cylon Eye" circuit board.

Silkscreen text on top of board: WOW, WORLDS OF WONDER, 050021-00 REV 1.
Metal layer text on bottom of board: WOW, WORLDS OF WONDER, 040021-00 REV A.

Has sixteen rectangular red LED's, CR1..CR16.

Has chips:
LM555CN, CD4001BE, CD4029BE, HCF4028BE(2), ULN2003A(2).

Resistors: 100 ohms(13), 220 ohms(14), 330 ohms(2), 47 ohms(1).

Resistors: (LM555) 220K(1), 200K(1).
Caps: (LM555) 103(1), 104(1).
Caps: 100uF/25v (it was 100uF/10v but it got replaced).

Non-Standard Parts: 1M pot in place of the 200K Resistor + a 150K resistor, to change LED sweep speed.

Seems to run nicely on 5 DC. (max)


UpDated: June/11/2002