Biggie Walker

My First One
Two Motor WalkerSchematic
This one has a movie1.37MB MPG Movie, 320x200 resolution, 15 seconds..
Nihon Mini Motor Bug
The Gear SetGear Modifying Instructions.
Bridge Head
CyberArm revisited

Symet Page
Turbot Page1.37MB MPG file, first one.1.37MB MPG file, second one.
Biggie Page
Slider Pagewhine-whine-whine-WHINE-WAV file, 76K.
PIC-16LF84 chip, emulates a microcore.Schematic - JPEG image 925 x 683 pixels.Source file for GP16LF84.Hex File for programming into PIC-16LF84-04/P

Different Eyes.
JPEG image 1086 x 872 pixels
Rather large legs, especially in the back.
Legs -  Hobby brass tubing and hobby brass wire 16 guage.

PNC MicroCore - 74HC14
MotorDriver - 74AC245
Using T3 size solar cells (yes, that's right, about 0.45 volts) as sensors to shorten rear motor cycles.
Hopefully this will allow it to turn.
Batteries - two each 3V Lithium cells (under the paper tape).

JPEG image 1054 x 802 pixels
Front View.

JPEG image 1030 x 910 pixels
Rear View.

JPEG image 1008 x 832 pixels
One leg up.

JPEG image 1102 x 858 pixels
One leg up, ready to move out!
Just over twelve inches between the back leg toes, where they touch the table top.

JPEG image 1288 x 862 pixels
Front legs are about six inches high from the table top to the "knee".
Rear legs are about seven inches high from the table top to the "knee".
Different Eyes, up close.
Different eyes, up close, front view.
Ear Cups, top view.
Here's those ear cups, top view.  Has phototransistors inside.

Paul T. Barton


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