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Nihon Mini Motor Bug
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PIC-16LF84 chip, emulates a microcore.Schematic - JPEG image 925 x 683 pixels.Source file for GP16LF84.Hex File for programming into PIC-16LF84-04/P

First Symet has the standard 1381-J circuit.
Uses a Panasonic BP-2422 solar cell and three 2200uF caps.
The motor is a 2.0V tape player (Sony type).
Caps are mounted vertical, same as the motor.
No Pictures.

Pictures and movies are the courtesy of Dennis Coleman.
JPEG image 620x470 pixels
Second Symet has a 1381-J circuit with three 1N4148 diodes pointing to the + lead which raises the pop voltage to about 3.8v.
It uses a Panasonic BP-3733 solar cell and four 1500uF caps.
The motor is a really small Mabuchi type with a 1mm diameter shaft.
12mm diameter, 10mm across the flats, 16mm long, body only.
It's almost as small as my MPJA pager motor.
Got two at the local junk shop, new for 75 cents each.

Caps are laying down in a + symbol. This configuration gives it four directions to move.
Haven't found a descent rubber tire for this one, yet.

Schematic, click for larger image, 699 x 306.
Click for the schematic used on this Symet.

JPEG image 680x550 pixels
Third Symet uses a Green - FLED engine.
Uses a Panasonic BP-2433 solar cell and six 1000uF caps.
The motor is a 1.7V tape player (Sony type).
Caps are mounted vertical.
Added three outrigger legs, to widen the base.
Thumbtack heads for feet.

Fourth Symet uses a Red - FLED engine.
Uses a Panasonic BP-2433 solar cell and one 4700uF cap.
The motor is a 4.0 volt Sony type motor.
Still under development, large paperclip frame, no pix.

Paul T. Barton

This page updated: February/27/2002