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Number Three1.37MB MPG Movie, 320x200 resolution, 15 seconds..
Nihon Mini Motor Bug
The Gear SetGear Modifying Instructions.
Bridge Head

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Turbot Page1.37MB MPG file, first one.1.37MB MPG file, second one.
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PIC-16LF84 chip, emulates a microcore.Schematic - JPEG image 925 x 683 pixels.Source file for GP16LF84.Hex File for programming into PIC-16LF84-04/P

This is a two motor walker. The surplus "1/3 RPM" gearset is used, with CD Spindle Motors attached.

Click for Movie, 1.37MB, MPEG.Movie: Courtesy of Dennis Coleman, Thanks Dennis! 15 seconds of MPEG style, 1.37MB.
Click Me for larger image.Here you see the front view, without the circuit board or batteries attached. The rubber feet are for walking on carpet, works great! Normally my 'bots can't walk on my carpet, this one does, but only with these 'boots' on. Back feet just dig into the carpet nap and push ahead. Haven't tried the backup circuit yet and may change how the back feet are shaped.

Click Me for larger image.Left side view, with all attached. Batteries are under the back gearset, held in with a rubber band.
Click Me for larger image.Right side view, with all unattached. Rubber feet are on the front legs. The clear LED on the (left side in picture) circuit board is for future IR object detection. It is a 6000mcd RED-LED, can't look into this one, it's that bright. It shines a moving spot out in front from it's 8 degree light cone. It pulses about 3Hz. Credit for LED driver and receiver goes to Wilf Rigter.
Click Me for larger image.Here we go ! This one in action kinda looks like the Tilden Shok-Bot in movement. There's a rubber boot around the RED-LED on the circuit board. Just inside of that Boot is white heat shrink tubing to size the LED up to fit that boot.
Click Me for larger image.Close up of the front gearset. More details on the gears.html page (button above).
This was to be the second frame in a "movie" from a Kodak DC260 camera. It was going to do 3fps and did two shots then quit, bummer. You can see the RED-LED on and one of the four red-led's that show the microcore state. The picture is fuzzy because the 'bug is on the move and the camera does drop picture quality while it's trying to capture the stills.

Paul T. Barton

This page updated: February/27/2002