Number 5 Walker

My First One
Two Motor WalkerSchematic
This one has a movie1.37MB MPG Movie, 320x200 resolution, 15 seconds..
Nihon Mini Motor Bug
The Gear SetGear Modifying Instructions.
Bridge Head
CyberArm revisited
Walking on carpet, watch head turn as it passes.
Symet Page
Turbot Page1.37MB MPG file, first one.1.37MB MPG file, second one.
Biggie Page
Slider Pagewhine-whine-whine-WHINE-WAV file, 76K.
PIC-16LF84 chip, emulates a microcore.Schematic - JPEG image 925 x 683 pixels.Source file for GP16LF84.Hex File for programming into PIC-16LF84-04/P
Spyder 1 PageSchematic - GIF image 1392 x 886 pixels.Source for Spyder1, a text file.Yes !Yes! 964KB WMV.In garage, 344KB MPG.
Two Motor Four Leg BiCore Walker.
Whizzer.344KB MPG.344KB MPG.Whizzer-3 Movie.Whizzer-3 Movie.Whizzer-3 Movie.

Here's my latest walking bug. I am using a 74HC14 PNC microcore tied to a 74AC240 motor driver, no reverse.
Head Added !

1070 x 848
Shows the bug on top of a briefcase
1226 x 894
On the desk top
806 x 338
Showing the (output shaft to legs) strain relief mechanism.
The DuBro collar is attached to the motor output shaft and the spring through the brass tubing.
The lower arm rotates on the motor shaft extended sleeve,
has the legs attached to it and is attached to the other end of the spring.
The spring (bends and) allows the legs to hit on either side and not destroy the legs/collar/gears/motor/etc.

Here is a crude mockup of the above photo edited to show the strain relief mechanism.
The motor shaft goes through both holes on the right.
The lower hole rides around the extended output shaft bearing.
The upper hole clamps on the output shaft.
Legs are cut off for clarity. (See above pix)
1212 x 584
Bottom view showing back leg centering spring.
710 x 752
Here's the IR PD (SFH235) mounted in a 2x2 piece of holey board.
Plugged into sockets and wired back to the microcore.
Even though these pictures show loose ended wiring at the other end, it's now connected.
946 x 888
Going for a walk.
This one seems to try and get it's legs stuck in most anything.
The bottom portion of the legs has been covered with white heat-shrink tubing to try and defeat the "getting stuck" syndrome.
Also, it tends to bend it's own legs out of shape and needs repairs often.

New: The lower portion of each leg has been filled in with white "paperclay".
Gives it a little more weight for each foot.

The following pictures courtesy of Dennis Coleman.
The batteries have been moved underneath and a head has been added.
Really Small GearMotor Head.
This shows the gearmotor and circuitry, SMD parts.
74AC04 SMD IC, two PD's on long leads,
Circuit is PSH3, by Wilf Rigter, converted to use a 74AC04.
Sorry about the out of focus picture.
Really Small GearMotor
This shows the gearmotor alone.
The shaft has had about 1.1" cut off, it was really long.
The nut and screw end, that you see here, is 4-40.

New: Head circuit looks different, acts the same.

Paul T. Barton

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