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My First One
Two Motor WalkerSchematic
This one has a movie1.37MB MPG Movie, 320x200 resolution, 15 seconds..
Nihon Mini Motor Bug
The Gear SetGear Modifying Instructions.
Bridge HeadJack the Seahawk Fan, turns his head, 344KB MPG.
CyberArm revisited
Walking on carpet, watch head turn as it passes, 344KB MPG.
Symet Page
Turbot Page1.37MB MPG file, first one.1.37MB MPG file, second one.
Biggie Page
Slider Pagewhine-whine-whine-WHINE-WAV file, 76K.
PIC-16LF84 chip, emulates a microcore.Schematic - JPEG image 925 x 683 pixels.Source file for GP16LF84, a text file.Hex File for programming into PIC-16LF84-04/P
Spyder 1 PageSchematic - GIF image 1392 x 886 pixels.Source for Spyder1, a text file.Yes !Yes! 964KB WMV.In garage, 344KB MPG.
Two Motor Four Leg BiCore Walker.
Whizzer.344KB MPG.344KB MPG.Whizzer Movie 3.Whizzer Movie 3.Whizzer Movie 3.

Now this one is really fun.  Whizzer seems to spin around and hide in the dark.  Once it ran itself under the stove and just stopped there, sitting, waiting, not moving.  Whizzer is so fast, it couldn't be caught anyway.  It does not have a whisker as yet, but seems to back up all by itself.  I had a lot of laughs with this one.  Just before going into Taco Bell, it was put on the top of my car's roof.  It almost jumped off into the parking lot, but stayed there and looped around and around heading toward the back window.

Whizzer's weight closes the switch to keep it going, but stops when it is picked up.  This saved the trouble of a slide or toggle switch.  There is paper between the two switch contacts to stop it from running when it's posing.  This switch breaks the '0V' wire, the one from the batteries to the photovor1.

The batteries are 2 cells from a 9 volt battery, just under 3 volts.

Tires:  First a layer of wire insulation is installed, then a short piece of plastic tubing is put over that (Thanks to Wacky Willy's, Beaverton).

Here are the pix, click for larger ones.

Front View, fuzzy.

Whizzer 1, re-tired.
Tires are now that clear plastic tubing, much better.

The back leg (slider) is soldered to the switch.  Just set it down to turn it on.

Whizzer-1 Set-Down Switch.
Close-up of that switch.

It has yellow paper in the switch to make it sit still for photo shots.

Close up of switch and left side.  In the larger pix, you can see the floor lint wrapped around the pager motor shafts.

Whizzer-3.  In the eyeballs.
Whizzer-3 - Front View.
Whizzer-3.  Front View.  Shows how the "backup switch" works.
Whizzer 3 (PhotoVore)
Whizzer-3.  That PD visor is the bottom insulator from the 9v battery. Stuck on with double-sticky foam tape.
Whizzer-2 Belly-Up.
Whizzer-3 Bottom View.  Shows the PD's and how they are located.
Whizzer On/Off Switch.
Whizzer-3 On/Off Switch.  Just move the wire over to the "hook" to get going.

Photovor1 - Wilf Rigter.
Wilf Rigter's Schematic.

Paul T. Barton

This page updated: April/17/2002