My First One
Two Motor WalkerSchematic
This one has a movie1.37MB MPG Movie, 320x200 resolution, 15 seconds..
Nihon Mini Motor Bug
The Gear SetGear Modifying Instructions.
Bridge Head
CyberArm revisited
Number 5 - Bugger
Symet Page
Turbot PageFirst one - 1.37MB MPG file.Second One - 1.37MB MPG file.
Biggie Page
Slider Pagewhine-whine-whine-WHINE-WAV file, 76K.
PIC-16LF84 chip, emulates a microcore.Schematic - JPEG image 925 x 683 pixels.Source file for GP16LF84.Hex File for programming into PIC-16LF84-04/P
Spyder 1 PageGIF imageNot Yet.Not Yet.
Two Motor Four Leg BiCore Walker.
Whizzer.344KB MPG.344KB MPG.Whizzer-3 Movie.Whizzer-3 Movie.Whizzer-3 Movie.

Using: [M] Z12V8A pagermotors. ($3.50 @ WackyWilly's w/weight attached)
Dual SE, Four 1500uF caps, two PD's, one solarcell. Paperclip wire frame w/fuseholder motor mounts.

Bottom View:  Shows PD's and how they plug-in.  Can be unplugged to test various types.  Black Paper PD cover is double-sticky heat resistant paper.

Front View:  Tires are that same plastic tubing and a little short, they need to be slightly longer for more grip.

Paul T. Barton

This page updated: April/29/2002